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    Scotian Bowmen FITA 1440


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    Scotian Bowmen FITA 1440 Empty Scotian Bowmen FITA 1440

    Post by LadySteel Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:37 pm

    Hi, just giving everyone the heads up about the FITA 1440 shoot this weekend at Scotian Bowmen

    Same-old, same-old, But we are changing practise at nine and shooting at 10 as some of our younger FITA enthusiast can't make it til after 9:30. (We are very accomodating and will even pick people up if needed.)

    Lunch will be escargot in a buttersauce, duck l'orange...who am I kinding I will check the flyer this weekend and will see what is on sale.

    Ta-ta and happy shooting.

    1476 days til the 2016 Olympics and rummours/newspaper article are flying around the web about how compound will be a demonstration sport.

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