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    Canada Games selection criteria


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    Canada Games selection criteria Empty Canada Games selection criteria

    Post by Toxophilus_Archer Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:08 pm

    I have looked at the criteria listed on this site and I have a couple of questions. 1. Final tean selection is in November 2011, selection is based on 3 shoots between Aug 1 and Nov 30 2011. I presume this means 2010, dates should be changed on site. Going by the results for the test event there will be no recurve team 3 gents contesting the compound place and only 1 lady with a chance of getting the compound spot. I saw the competitors from the 4 provinces at the event and to put it plainly they were a lot better prapared for the event and for the upcoming games in February. Will this situation be addressed? Will it be discussed at the AGM? Why is the team preparation so lax. I know that the Olympic recurve (for want of a description) is not well taught (something I am trying to address in the area I live) but there has been the opportunity in the last 3 years to scour the province and to bring about a better performance than was given at the test event.

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    Canada Games selection criteria Empty Re: Canada Games selection criteria

    Post by huntwisely Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:52 am

    Sean - The problem lies more with the clubs and less with the coaches. Approximately 85 % of the archers in Nova Scotia shoot 3D only. This number is very close all across the country as I have spoken to several provincial reps. Many of the clubs do not have the facilities, nor the inclination for FITA. When they hold a FITA shoot and 8-20 people show up and then then hold a 3D and 50-60 people show up, the funds raised are significatly higher for a 3D shoot.

    Since many of the parents and older siblings shoot 3D, the kids are more interested in 3D than target starting out as well.

    The FCA is aware of this. They are moving toward FITA 3D so the 3D shooters can get involved with more international competitions and more funding will be available to the FCA and therefore the provincial organizations.

    Now look at the clubs and look at the number of longbow or recurve shooters in relation to the compound shooters. Also think about the National Archery in the Schools program, where the kids are shooting Genesis bows (compounds).

    Are you in Middleton at present or in Leeds? If you are in the valley, contact Lindsay and find out when he trains. Maybe you could better help by working with some of the archers.

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