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    Kings Arfchers Bowfest / Atlantic Outdoor Regionals


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    Kings Arfchers Bowfest / Atlantic Outdoor Regionals Empty Kings Arfchers Bowfest / Atlantic Outdoor Regionals

    Post by LongDraw Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:17 pm

    Would like to thank everyone who came, we had a great time in spite of the heavy rain during the last half of the 3D round
    Congratulations to our new Atlantic Champs, Marty Ward. Laurie Bolivar, Matt Laprade

    Here are the Results

    Fita Double 720 Results (2 day)

    Marty Ward , Bowhunter Unlimited 552,552,534,582
    Laurie Bolivar Senior Men,s Compound 672,683,677,670
    Matt Laprade Cadet Compound 659,660

    3D Results

    Pee Wee
    Justin Noakes 234 G

    Dillon Margeson 261 G

    CADC m/f
    Hailey Fitzgerald 330 G
    Shawn Starrett 288 S

    Gordon Porter 602 G
    Phil Nelson 589 S

    RU m
    Chris MacFarlane 579 G
    Blaine Harris 540 S
    Keegan Harris 495 B
    Colton Harris 479
    Brock Hemmings 458
    Cameron Scott 327

    RU f
    Dawn Noakes 209 G

    HUN m
    Mike Atwell 339 G
    Cyril Walsh 326 S
    Shawn Starrett 302 B
    Ken Forbes 290

    HUN f
    Rhonda Spencer 300 G
    Tameka Guptill 274 S

    Luke Finley 295 G

    BHO m
    Alex Schofield 380 G
    Andy Schmiagel 378 S
    Troy Brake 369 B
    Al Cousins 352
    Andy Spencer 330
    Victor Walsh 329

    BHO f
    Debbie Sanford 344 G

    BHR m
    Jeff Fitzgerald 353 G
    Mike Myra 343 S
    Justin Ward 341 B
    Kyle Lockhart 320

    BHO f
    Connie Hart 314 G

    Dave Sanford 382 G
    Jeff Cox 378 S
    Wayne Sullivan 334 B

    Wilferd Titus 368 G
    Hartley Crowell 273 S

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