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    Archery lessons for Youth?


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    Archery lessons for Youth? Empty Archery lessons for Youth?

    Post by JashimChando Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:47 am

    Most range I know of will only start kids at 8, 6 is pushing it. I'm a coach, when dealing with 6 year olds, it's hard enough, I can't imagine a 3 year old.

    Most youth bows made today aren't made for kids that small, there's a new one from Martin, it's ambidextrous and a very short bow. But even then the weight is about 15 pounds, more than most 3 year olds can pull. Hoyt used to make the K-Bow, great little bows, but also the weight is around 15-20 pounds.

    The worst case scenario, the kid will try it out, won't be able to hit the target and gets frustrated, I've had a situation like that with a 6 year old a few years back. Had the parents waited 2 years, the kid would probably still be shooting now.

    My suggestion is to wait. Later on when the boy is old enough, take him to an archery range and take a lesson. If you're in the US, some places offer the lesson for free. Alternatively the boy can join a JOAD, short for Junior Olympic Archery Development. JOAD is geared for competition. It has a ranking system and such.

    Later on, if you do decide to get the boy a private coach, or JOAD also actually, then you need to do your homework. Looking at certification alone doesn't guarantee that you get a good coach. To top it off a good coach for me might be bad for you. Coach and athlete relationship depends a lot on the personalities involved. Some athletes need stern hand while others need a softer approach. A very good coach can


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