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    Results from AANS Indoor 3D Provincials


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    Results from AANS Indoor 3D Provincials Empty Results from AANS Indoor 3D Provincials

    Post by CFBFITA Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:22 pm

    Score for Sunday are as follows:

    Nilsen, Rick Senior M HUN (Hunter) 282
    Conrod, Bruce Senior M HUN (Hunter) 302
    Bolivar, Laurie Senior M HUN (Hunter) 335
    Schmiegel, Andy Senior M HUN (Hunter) 253

    Marotte, Chris Senior M BHO (Bowhunter Open) 284
    Saulnier, Oral Sen M BHO (Bowhunter Open) 334
    Ryan, Dale Senior M BHO (Bowhunter Open) 325
    Ryan, Jeff Senior M BHO (Bowhunter Open) 371

    Hart, Connie Senior F HUN (Hunter) 94

    Misener, Rodney Sen M BHR (Bowhunter Release) 331
    Langlois, Claude Senior M BHR (Bowhunter Release) 354
    Doucet, Victor Senior M BHR (Bowhunter Release) 199

    Mead, Wayne B. Sen M M50 (Masters 50) 227
    Pothier, Dennis E. Sen M M50 (Masters 50) 327
    Comeau, Ricky Master M M50 (Masters 50) 335

    Walters, Raymond I. Sen M M60 (Masters 60) 321
    Saulnier, Ken Senior M M60 (Masters 60) 293

    McLaren, John Master M RU (Recurve Unaided) 230

    McLaren, Marilyn Master F RU (Recurve Unaided) 157

    DeMont, Wayne M Primitive 429
    DeMont, Paul M Primitive 405
    Myra, Donald M Primitive 508

    Nilsen, Brandon Cub M HUN (Hunter) 257

    MacFarlane, Chris Senior M TRD (Traditional Longbow) 502

    Thank you to AANS for letting us host this shoot and thanks to everyone for showing up.

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