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    What bow to buy

    shark X NI

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    What bow to buy Empty What bow to buy

    Post by shark X NI Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:51 pm

    I have been a PSE man most of my life,but I have had some troubles and the service is very bad.Our local dealer get wrong info for us from PPC and PSE head office.I have about 13 people that shoot pse equipment and a few had some miner things happen and pse and ppc don't seem to care.I understand that NS don't make up much in sales but to be treated bad thats poor service.I talked to BOB at ppc today and he was very ingerent with me over nothing,he don't care about NS shooters at all.Buyer beware pse and ppc service sucks big time.there time line on shipping is bad there personalty stinks.I LOVE THE PRODUCT but the service is very very very bad.This is MY thoughts only.thanks ttyl

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