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    June Coaching Clinic Full


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    June Coaching Clinic Full Empty June Coaching Clinic Full

    Post by archer2 Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:33 am

    Instruction of Beginner Archers Clinic

    An Instruction of Beginner Archers Clinic/Workshop will be held June 11, 12 & 13/ 2010 at the Education Centre in Subenacadie next to the Wildlife Park.

    The clinic is now full. We were asked to limit the workshop, Instruction of Beginner Archers, to a maximum of 12 applicants by those who developed this nationally accredited course. This is the new course which is taking the place of the old NCCP Level I Technical and Theory. It is also much more involved than the old NCCP Level I Technical course.

    The materials are in depth and we would like everyone attending to have ample time to read the required information thoroughly and to complete the pre-clinic required tasks.

    The clinic is an integrated workshop, combining both Technical information and two multi-sport Theory modules, Making Ethical Decisions and Planning a Practice. With these materials combined it is no longer necessary to take the Multi-Sport Theory Part "A" separately to become certified as an archery coach.

    This is a weekend workshop involves 16 hours of instruction. If you have signed up for this course you have been contacted and you either have or will be receiving the manual and reference amterials. If you have not done so already please send me your mailing address and e-mail address.
    You will be required to complete some pre-clinic tasks and also to send me some information that is needed ASAP.

    Ricky Comeau
    Master Learning Facilitator

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