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    Help Wanted (posted for Robert Sheppard)


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    Help Wanted (posted for Robert Sheppard) Empty Help Wanted (posted for Robert Sheppard)

    Post by CFBFITA Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:21 pm

    Volunteers needed for the 2011 Canada Winter Games.
    Archery Competition

    Your organizing committee needs volunteers to help run the best Canadian Winter Games archery event possible. We need people to be scorers, tabulators and leader board operators. You do not need to know anything about these positions but some knowledge of the sport would be a help. We will be holding training sessions for those who require it so you will have the necessary information about the position you might be asked to fill. Step up and support you association in an endeavor which will bring archery into the public eye where archery should be so more people acquainted with archery. You do not have to a great shooter or even in the sport. You might be a parent of an archer. Show them you want to help in anyway you can.

    Any person who thinks they might enjoy assisting in anyway to run a first class event can get in touch with any member of the organizing committee or myself at: robert.s@ns.sympatico.ca.

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