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    2009 Memberships


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    2009 Memberships Empty 2009 Memberships

    Post by Walter Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:31 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    As some of you may not know, in addition to taking on the Treasurer duties for AANS, I have also taken on the membership duties as well. It is my understanding that membership cards were not sent out in timely manner last year and I can assure you that this will not be the case going forward.

    For 2009 membership renewals that have been sent in I have already sent out the cards. Shoot cards have not been sent out as we are awaiting them from the printer. I wanted to get the membership cards out asap. I will send shoot cards to these members once I receive them.

    I understand that some members have given thier membership monies to people on the executive and they in turn have forwarded thier names to me. In some of these cases I have been unable to locate AANS numbers and also can not tell whether or not the person/family in question is a new member. This is where you can help. If you have submitted your membership but still have not received your cards please e-mail me directly at: choo.choo.23@hotmail.com. Please let me know in the e-mail if you are a new member or existing. If existing, could you also provide your membership number and host club along with current mailing address. I will cross reference and/or assign numbers as needed and get your cards right out to you.

    I check our AANS mail box weekly at Sport NS so please feel free to send your memberships there as well.

    Thank-you everyone for your patience.


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