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    Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!!


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    Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!! Empty Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!!

    Post by scepter111 Fri May 02, 2008 1:10 pm

    I had to use a new user name but you all know me My name is Jamie Hicks !!! Nice new Site by the way !!! Hope to hear from someone for this equipment ,,,,would be really good for someone just starting out or wanting to open new club !!!

    You all know me My name is Jamie Hicks and I have a deal for some one who wants some awesome archery equipment . I have decided to get out of target archert and just stick with bow hunting .

    1- Martin Scepter 111, 27 to 31 draw lenght excellent condition!!!
    Comes With !!
    -toxonics sight (micro adjustable) with extension bar and bullseye scope 8 power BRAND NEW SCOPE !!!
    -golden key arrow rest (micro adjustable)with 3 different interchangeable rest's
    -36" Beiter stabelizer and 12"side bar with all quick connects Blue in color to match bow !!!
    -1 dozen cobolts blue 2315 arrows with fixings
    -1 leather 3 hole arrow quiver (very nice )!!!
    -1 aluminum double bow travel case with locks
    -1 bow stand
    -1 dozen acc's BRAND NEW to match bow !!!!
    -1 thumb release blue to match bow
    -1 back tension release(very expensive)
    -1 interchangeable peep with 3 different power lenses


    1- Martin Razor X cobolt blue in colorwith chrome fury cams MINT CONDITION !!!
    draw lenght 27 to 30 and weight 45 to 60 lbs
    1-sure loc "BRAND NEW" with extension bar and pin sight!!
    1-3 hole side quiver
    1- 30" beiter bar and 10"side bar to match
    1- Golden Key arrow rest with interchangeable lizzard tongue's
    Comes with 10 acc's to match bow !!!!
    1- brand new CARRYING CASE !!!
    1-finger release to go with it

    1- archery net 75 feet long and 10 feet high brand new worth over $1000,, great for new club or something .

    5- "BRAND NEW" 3 piece wooden recurves and 5 dozen arrows to go with them. Also great for new club !!!!

    1-Mathews genisis bow excellent condition with all the fixings to go with it !!!

    1-PSE kids compound bow also with release !!

    - to go with the eqipment there is a mixture of 3 spot to single to 5 spot targets to go with them and lots of them I might add !!!

    And to throw in with the whole lot of stuff i will put in 2 4 1/2 by 4 target butts in good shape to go with them!!!!

    Price 2000.00 or best offer for the whole lot !!!!!!

    $700.00 for each target bow if sold seperately INCLUDING ALL ACCESSORIES !!

    $200.00 for acc's!!

    $400.00 for the 5 brand new recurves !!

    $600.00 for the archery netting !!

    $125.00 for mathews genisis bow !!

    $75.00 for PSE kids compound bow !!

    $75.00 for target butts !!

    We would rather sell it by the lot and get rid of it all at ounce as we know it is a steal of a DEAL !!! we have put over 4 times as much money into it over the last 3 years so we just want to get a little bit out of it .

    Will trade for boat, motor and trailer in good shape , or good condition lawn tractor ,,or if anyone has anything to do with hunting or fishing we will be sure to have a look at it ,,,we are easy going and willing to look at any trade reasonable !!! Thank you Jamie and Kelly Hicks

    If you would like to get in touch with us please call 902-447-2560 or call me on my cell at 902-694-5477

    GREAT BUY FOR ANYONE !!!!! I will

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    Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!! Empty Re: Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!!

    Post by Springfieldestate Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:14 am

    Noticed a for sale add on aans site, old add but was wondering if you still had any archery eqpt etc for sale.


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    Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!! Empty Re: Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!!

    Post by awdeveau Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:58 am

    what kind of recurves, and what wieght are they and the prices?

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    Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!! Empty Recurve

    Post by gwohlgeschaffen Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:52 pm

    Hi Jamie. Do you still have a recurve? I'd like to buy one. I'm new to archery. You can call me at 426-7930. Thanks. Gary

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    Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!! Empty Re: Archery Equipment for Sale !!!!!

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